Tuesday, May 11, 2010

set sails!

We did it! The first Craft Stand! I can't believe we didn't blow away. It was crazy windy on Saturday. So windy that a turkey( and they're really big!) smashed my husband's studio space window. A big gust of wind came and just pushed that poor turkey right through. Don't worry, no one got hurt, including the turkey. Anyway, it was windy and we stuck around as long as we could. Thanks for coming out everyone! See you in June!
Oh and if you're a vendor and interested in selling your stuff let us know. We have more room than we thought!
Caiming's jewelry. We thought a necklace got blown away. Luckily it landed in her book!

Justin's secret book boxes

Faith's pottery. I love those little bees!
Even being unable to breath I was able to whiff Beyond the picket Fence's fabulous smells!
Pulp Sushi's fabulosity!
Two vees Kids capes and potholders.
and Little chick aprons.

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